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MetaBilling is a software development company which focuses on solutions for Telecom business and also tools and utilities to make Web-based e-Business platforms more effective.

All products developed by MetaBilling are business user oriented and provide powerful and simple to use tools to grow revenues and reduce costs. This is both true for:
  • Billing and Customer Care solutions, Pre-paid platforms for Voice, VoIP, PPPoE, Dial-Up, NetFlow and e-mail traffic.
  • Web-traffic analysis and reporting tools.

  • MetaBilling products can support extensive requirements of Telecom operator working with corresponding technologies and type of traffic. But if your company is interested in internal traffic monitoring and billing (detailed analysis of costs, divide costs by department/group/project, security, etc.) or needs to analyze and measure the effectiveness of Web-based e-Business solutions (Web-site, corporate portal, Web-based B2C and B2B solutions, etc.), MetaBilling products can be considered as an investment with reasonable pricing model and rapid ROI due to optimized corporate costs and gained revenues.

    MetaBilling works permanently to enhance current products and deliver new business tools to customers. Make your business more effective with MetaBilling solutions!


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